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Have You Upgraded Recently?

26 January, 2016

Windows Server, Windows Operating Systems, Internet Explorer and Chrome upgrades needed as Microsoft and Google end support lines. Avoid problems and security holes later on by making sure you have the most up-to-date versions of applications, operating systems and servers. Please contact your IT support or Neotek if you have any problems.

Microsoft Server 2003 no longer supported

Neotek would like to make all clients aware that Microsoft Server 2003 is no longer supported and advises anyone who is still using it to upgrade as soon as possible. We recommend using versions at least as recent as Microsoft Server 2012, but we understand if you bought the extended support contract you may still be on Microsoft Server 2008. Please make sure you are using Microsoft Server 2008 or later, because the 2008 version is the oldest version supported. If you need to, please feel free to check the resources at the bottom of this article for a complete list of Microsoft Server lifecycles to find out if your specific Server is still supported.

Microsoft shifts its gaze forward – only supporting Windows 8.1 onwards

Windows is moving on from supporting their Operating Systems older than Windows 8.1. Therefore, we suggest our clients only use Windows 7 if you bought a licence with the extended support pack, otherwise you will no longer have Microsoft support. We recommend switching to Windows 10 for full support and the latest updates from Microsoft, or for a full list of when Windows will end support for their operating systems, click here.

Likewise, Microsoft has said that they will not release any more service packs or security updates for Windows 8. They have stipulated that you have 2 years to move to a supported Operating System and Neotek would suggest moving to Windows 10, which you can upgrade to here.

Microsoft supports only Internet Explorer 11 for its most popular Windows Operating Systems

In a move that many saw coming, Microsoft announced that as of January 12th 2016, they would only continue to support Internet Explorer 11 on their most popular Operating Systems - Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Neotek is aware that its clients and their customers are inclined to use the most popular Operating Systems, so even though Internet Explorer versions 8 through 11 will continue to receive security updates, compatibility fixes and technical support on less well known Operating Systems, only Internet Explorer 11 is likely to be compatible for you. If by chance you are not using one of the Operating Systems mentioned above, please see the Resources for a full list from Microsoft to help you find which Internet Explorer version is right for you.

Clients should also be aware that since Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer to be produced, it is almost certain that eventually Microsoft will stop supporting the browser all together, so Neotek recommends Google Chrome as an alternative, for reliable continued support. You can download Google Chrome here.

Google Chrome will no longer be supported on Windows XP and Windows Vista

Similarly, in an effort to encourage users to upgrade operating systems, Google has made the decision not to continue supporting their web browser Chrome on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems, alongside Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, starting April 2016.

So what does this mean to me?

From January 12th, it will be significantly riskier to use any Internet Explorer version older than version 11, which is why Neotek advises all clients to use Google Chrome. Also, as of April 2016, the same risks will apply to running Google Chrome in Windows XP and Vista.

Running older versions may expose your system to potential risks such as harmful viruses, spyware and other malicious software which can steal from or damage your business. In the event that you have not updated your browser and Operating System to the supported versions mentioned above, if harm does come to your personal or business files, Microsoft and Google will not provide support.

What can I do to protect my business?

If you are using Internet Explorer as part of a business, it’s possible your IT support team may have already taken care of it, however you may wish to give them a call just to check. Otherwise, you can manually make sure you are secure. Firstly, ensure you are on a supported operating system, preferably the latest available version (e.g. Windows 10).

Secondly, if you are using Internet Explorer or Chrome make sure you are on the latest browser version your operating system will allow (a link at the end of this article shows which operating systems are still supported).

It is important to stay up-to-date on the latest browser versions if you can, not only to protect from security risks but to provide the best experience. If you’re having difficulty viewing webpages or other problems, we recommend checking for updates to your browser.

If you are unable to upgrade your version of Internet Explorer, we would recommend using another browser such as Google Chrome (which is the number one browser of choice worldwide).


  • Download Windows 10 or Google Chrome
  • Microsoft’s list of Windows Server lifecycles here
  • Microsoft’s full list of Support dates for Windows Operating Systems are available here
  • To read Microsoft’s announcement, please click here or for information about what version of Internet Explorer is right for you, click here
  • If you are interested in Google Chrome’s support, please see Google’s official announcement on their blog here

Have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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