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The term ‘eCommerce’ refers to buying and selling products and services over the Internet. More specifically it means providing your customers with the ability to place and track orders, empowered by access to current information on product availability, pricing, specifications and recent account transactions.

Every company embraces eCommerce for different reasons. It might be to achieve growth, reduce costs, improve processes – or a combination of all three. Typical scenarios that lead to eCommerce include:

  • The constant challenge of achieving growth without employing additional people or affecting margins;
  • Difficulty in providing accurate promotion and inventory information when customers want it;
  • The expense and labour required to produce CD-ROMs or paper based catalogues; and
  • The need to continuously update product lists and pricing.


An eCommerce solution can create improvements throughout your business, making a positive impact on sales and marketing, finance and customer service.

Sales and Marketing Benefits

Financial Benefits

Customer Services Benefits

  • Expand communication and ordering options for your customers
  • Increase market share by freeing up the sales team to target new customers
  • Increase average order value and frequency by providing real time pricing, stock availability and comprehensive product information
  • Reduce the need for printed catalogues and sales literature
  • Create effective campaigns using email marketing to target specific customers
  • Make promotions and specials easy to manage and available to customers in real time
  • Target small or historically unprofitable customers with a lower cost of sale
  • Save on labour, telecommunications and postal charges
  • Reduce cost of printed catalogues and other materials
  • Improve credit management and reduce debtor days by supplying financial records and current statements online
  • Improve inventory management by highlighting promotions and end of line goods
  • Reduce the credit to order ratio
  • Manage high credit risk customers by allowing them to only purchase via credit card
  • Reduce errors due to manual re-keying of orders
  • Improve speed and accuracy of order fulfilment
  • Improve customer loyalty by making information relating to their order easily available online, eliminating the cost and effort of a telephone call
  • Provide options to interact with your business at your customers’ convenience, including out of office hours
  • Improve the experience in dealing with your company, providing an option to print orders, invoices, credits and back orders online

Neotek Enterprise eCommerce

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  • Enable business customers and suppliers to access a range of services and transact via the internet at any time 24 hours a day/seven days a week.
  • Integrate your back office systems to your eCommerce solution so that inventory, pricing, product information, financial transactions and user information is all dynamically updated.
  • Direct integration to a large customer or supplier’s business systems through EDI or web services is also available.


Use the eCommerce module to deliver services and customer specific information such as:

  • Comprehensive catalogues with rich product information and images
  • Customer specific pricing and inventory information in real time
  • New products, specials and promotions
  • Rapid order entry
  • Online ordering
  • Order status and freight tracking
  • Back order status
  • Financial and credit information, including credit status
  • Email marketing

Future-proof your business. Neotek eCommerce can be extended to include Sales Force Automation, a public website and print and CD catalogues, all powered from a single source.

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