Neotek Enterprise Overview

Enterprise Overview diagram

Neotek Enterprise comprises four modules, each addressing a particular sales channel and able to operate separately or in combination. The modules are:

Simply start with either eCommerce or Sales Force Automation and add other modules as required. We provide a full suite of integration services to ensure a smooth implementation regardless of your financial system or industry. This integrated, modular approach allows you to:

  • Accurately maintain product, inventory and sales data in one place
  • Leverage your eCommerce investment online, in print and CDs, and in handheld devices for sales people working remotely
  • Co-ordinate all of your critical sales tools
  • Be future proofed and add new modules easily
  • Not pay for unnecessary features

Neotek Enterprise is the complete interface between your customers and your in-house systems.



Neotek Enterprise has a justified reputation for effective integration with numerous financial systems. The solution has been market tested in thousands of transactions and trading hours in multiple industries, ranging from auto parts and electrical components to giftware, food and whiteware.


Evergreen Licencing and Support

We understand that clients want pricing certainty as well as great business tools so include ‘evergreen licencing’ as part of every solution. This gives you immediate access to the latest version of Neotek Enterprise as soon as it is released, without hidden upgrade or service fees.


Leading Technology

We elected early on to develop in Microsoft .Net for maximum usability. As a business we are committed to staying ahead of the technology curve to ensure our clients are always market leaders.


eCommerce Module

Enable business customers and suppliers to access a range of services and transact via the Internet at any time. Connecting directly via EDI with key customers and suppliers’ business systems is also available. With Neotek eCommerce in place you simply add other modules from the Enterprise solution to match your changing business needs. Click here for more details about Neotek’s eCommerce module.


Sales Force Automation Module

Put the latest product and customer data into the hands of your sales team and allow them to better take orders on the spot using any handheld device or tablet PC. The orders are processed immediately and accurately without any extra data entry by customer services. With Neotek Sales Force Automation in place you can then add other modules from the Enterprise solution. Click here for more details about Neotek Enterprise’s Sales Force Automation module.


Public Website Module

Take advantage of rich content created within your business-to-business eCommerce system by making it available on your public web site. You can choose how much and what information is accessible on the public site. This module can be added to either eCommerce or Sales Force Automation. Click here for more details about Neotek’s Public Website module.


Print Catalogue Module

Take the pain out of producing print catalogues by adding this module to either eCommerce or Sales Force Automation. By applying the rich content already held in Neotek Enterprise, producing a complete, up-to-date print catalogue is only a few steps away. Create files in the correct format to easily produce print catalogues for customers. There is no time consuming page layout or expensive publishing software to buy. Click here for more details about Neotek’s Print Catalogue module.


CD Catalogue Module

Like the Print Catalogue module, this component allows you to automatically publish existing content to a new catalogue, this time on CD. You can add this module to either eCommerce or Sales Force Automation. There is no time consuming design necessary or expensive software to buy. Click here for more details about Neotek’s CD Catalogue module.

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